Heineken 0.0 Commercial Song: Cheers With No Alcohol Now You Can

Heineken 0.0 Commercial - Cheers With No Alcohol Now You Can

Heineken has launched a new global campaign, titled “Cheers With No Alcohol. Now You Can”, to promote its alcohol-free line.

Created by Publicis Italy and Le Pub, the spot takes viewers through a journey over the centuries and depicts a variety of social scenarios in which one person in a group cheers or tries to cheer with no alcohol and becomes the target of awkward stares. Thus, from the Viking era to New York’s ’20s to the ’80s, viewers get to see how a person not drinking alcohol is excluded from the “cheers” moment. Fast forward to modern day, non drinkers are not excluded anymore because with Heineken now they can cheer any time, on any social occasion.

Serving as soundtrack is Stevie Wonder’s Superstition.

The campaign also includes social media assets, digital banners and OOH activations, as well as merchandise items, all of which will be launched in multiple countries including Austria, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Italy, Poland, Spain and the USA, throughout 2022.

The beer brand is also known for its previous “Now You Can” ad campaign, which touted the 0.0 variant as the perfect beverage even in places that were traditionally known as not suitable for drinking beer, such as the gym, in a parked car or at work.

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