AT&T Fiber with Hyper-Gig speeds Zac Efron & Fisherman Commercial

AT&T Fiber Zac Efron with Lobsters & Fisherman Commercial

Zac Efron promotes AT&T’s new multi-gig internet speeds AT&T Fiber 2-Gig and 5-Gig in a new ad campaign, titled “Life, Gig-ified”.

The Neighbors actor plays both himself and a fisherman with whom he has a conversation while fishing on a lake. The two talk about how AT&T Fiber with multi-gigs speeds will change the game in so many ways, mentioning the higher speed, the reliability, the users’ possibility to create content, upload huge files and live streaming content all at the same time. Efron and his fishing partner end up in a competition that doesn’t end well for one of them and it all starts from a fish. When the fisherman catches a bigger fish than Efron, the latter shows a pearl in an oyster to the fisherman. The latter shows his companion, turned competitor, an oyster with a necklace of pearls – a gesture that leads to Efron pulling out two huge lobsters. His “opponent” raises the bar by holding a tray filled with shrimp. When the actor brags with a huge fish, the fisherman claps his fingers to bring out an even bigger fish, but a monster comes out of the water, attacking him, right after having asked Efron if he even games.

“You are the game, bro,” Efron tells him at the end of the commercial, which reveals that Efron was actually playing a fishing game using a VR headset, in his living room.

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