Publix Christmas The Attic Commercial – Mr. Snowman

Publix Christmas The Attic Commercial - Mr. Snowman

Publix encourages consumers, in its Christmas ad, to share the magic this holiday season.

Created by 22Squared, Inc., the commercial features a girl who sees a snowman in a neighbor’s attic and can’t help thinking about the reason why it is always inside. “Why doesn’t Mr. Snowman get to go outside?” she asks her mother while helping her bake Cristmas cookies. Her mother answers that she doesn’t know and the day seems to continue with no other thoughts for her. She and her parents have guests over for dinner but, meanwhile, her neighbor is all alone, looking at a black-and-white photo of a young father and daughter about the same age as the little girl.

However, the girl doesn’t go to sleep without giving to her neighbor some of the cookies she made. Thus, she leaves at his doorstep a tray with some snowman-shaped sugar cookies and a carrot for the snowman, which is all grey and without a nose.

The next day, on Christmas morning, she runs outside to see the snow and finds, to her surprise, a snowman with a smile on its face.

The commercial ends with the tagline “Give someone a reason to believe” flashing across the screen and with the voiceover wishing viewers “Merry Christmas from Publix”.

The employee-owned supermarket chain says that “Christmas is the time of year when magic means finding goodness in each other” and that is the heart of this story about a little girl (played by actress Wynter Glenn), an older neighbor, and “Mr. Snowman”.

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