Posten Norway Christmas Commercial – Feat. (Gay) Man Kissing Santa

Posten Norway Christmas Commercial Santa

Norway’s state-owned postal service Posten has unveiled its Christmas commercial, highlighting that, in 2022, Norway marks 50 years since Norway decriminalized same-sex relationships.

The 4-minute film, made by Norwegian creative agency POL and producers B-Reel Films and titled “When Harry Met Santa,” tells the story of Harry, a middle-aged man who spots Santa in his house, one year, and falls in love with him. He then spends year after year waiting for Christmas Eve to see him again. One day, he finds the courage the unveil his true feelings and writes him a letter saying “All I Want for Christmas is you”. The next Christmas, a Postern worker delivers gift boxes for him as it turns out Santa hired some help. “I wanted to have more time to spend with you,” he tells the man, who gets closer and looks into his eyes. The two then share a kiss.

The cinematic commercial, a nod to the 1989 romantic comedy “When Harry met Sally…” starring Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan, ends with an onscreen line informing that, in 2022, Norway marks 50 years of being able to love whoever we want”. A wish for Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year is then made “from all of us to all of us”.

“Everyone should feel welcome, seen, heard, and included. This year’s Christmas ad embraces this,” said a press statement from Posten. The government-owned postal service has around 14,000 employees and a variety in terms of age, gender, religion, sexual orientation and ethnicity.

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