Nextbase Christmas Commercial / Advert Song – Feat. Parents Giving their Daughter a Dash Cam

Nextbase Christmas Commercial / Advert Girl

Europe’s largest Dash Cam Manufacturer, Nextbase, has released its Christmas campaign, titled “Gift a Guardian”.

The spot features a couple waiting for their daughter to come back home for Christmas. Seeing that it’s very late, the mother begins to worry quite a lot. Her husband buys a Nextbase Dash Cam and puts it in a gift box which he keeps a secret until it’s time for the girl to leave again.

The song used in the ad is the 2020 single “Good To Me” by Flight Boy.

The brand says that dash cams act as your real-life guardian and that they can provide crucial evidence following an incident that holds up in court and could even save your and your family’s life thanks to the integrated Emergency SOS system.

Consumers are encouraged to gift their child a Dash Cam this year to put their mind at easy and worry less about the adventures they’re taking.

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