Musique de Pub Orange Noël Bonhomme de neige

Pub Orange Noël Bonhomme de neige

Orange France highlights, in its Christmas 2021 commercial, that the together season is finally back and urges us to celebrate it with Orange.

The spot, created by Publicis Conseil and directed by François Rousselet, tells the story of a snowman who is forced to stay inside until he is able to get outside again and reunite with his friends. Set to the tune of “Everything I own” by BREAD, the heartwarming film gives viewers a glimpse into the daily life of the adorable snowman as he engages in various activities around his little frosted refrigerated house for several months. One morning, though, he finally sees snowflakes on the display of his smartphone and realizes that winter has come again and it’s safe for him to go out.

The commercial ends with the protagonist in the middle of a group of children, his friends, who place a smile on his face.

“Everything I own” by BREAD, from the Album “The Best of Bread”, is available for purchase on Amazon for $1.29.

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