McDonald’s The Mariah Menu Mariah Carey Commercial Song

McDonald's The Mariah Menu Mariah Carey Commercial

McDonald’s has a surprise for consumers this month: a menu that carries Mariah Carey’s name. The fast-food chain has also released a commercial starring the famous singer to promote the Mariah Menu, which gives consumers the chance to get free daily deals from December 13th through December 24th.

“This holiday season at McDonald’s, you’re not getting the Mariah meal…you’re getting the Mariah Menu,” Mariah says in the 30-second ad, which sees her clad in a gorgeous red dress and singing her iconic “All I Want For Christmas”. Various McDonald’s restaurants, adorned with Christmas lights, are also shown throughout the video.

The deal is valid with a $1 minimum purchase from December 13th to 24th, only in the mobile app.

The menu items that can be free are the Big Mac, McChicken, Cheeseburger, Apple Pie, Double Cheeseburger, Hotcakes, Free Bakery Item, and more. They are listed below on days:

December 13th: Big Mac
December 14th: McChicken
December 15th: Free Bakery Item
December 16th: 6pc Chicken McNuggets
December 17th: Cheeseburger
December 18th: Hotcakes
December 19th: McDouble
December 20th: Apple Pie
December 21st: Sausage McMuffin with Egg
December 22nd: Double Cheeseburger
December 23rd: Sausage Biscuit
December 24th: Chocolate Chip Cookies
The merch offers are valid while supplies last.

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