iPhone 13 Pro Cinematic Mode Detectives Commercial / TV Advert

iPhone 13 Pro Cinematic Mode Detectives Commercial / TV Advert

Apple highlights the Cinematic mode on iPhone 13 Pro in a new commercial.

The spot, part of the “Hollywood In Your Pocket” campaign, show how you can shift the camera’s focus automatically, manually and even after you’ve shot, by featuring two detectives in a car who are having a sort of argument due to the camera’s focus. “Can I ask you a question? Am I out of focus?” one of them asks his partner. The latter tells him he’s fine, but the man can’t help noticing that he’s all blurry. “Well, you’re supporting cast,” answers the main detective, explaining that the camera focuses on the most important character which is him. After a few seconds, his colleague comes up with another question: “What if my character had a big reveal?” Asked about the big reveal, he says that maybe he’s the killer. At this point, tense music starts playing and the main detective asks “Are you?”. His partner says he is, but he immediately admits he’s not.

The tense music stops playing and an onscreen line reads “Shift focus in Cinematic mode”.

Apple’s Christmas 2021, directed by Jason Reitman and his father, Oscar Nominee Ivan Reitman, has been shot on iPhone 13 Pro. The two Oscar nominees have used features like Cinematic mode, which makes videos look like they were created using much more specialist cameras, macro video, and advanced low light performance to create the brand’s holiday ad.

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