ChapStick Girl Pushing Her Face Against the Car Window Commercial

ChapStick Commercial - Girl Pushing Her Face Against the Car Window

ChapStick reminds us that “A Little Happy Goes a Long Way” in one of its commercials, that promotes the ChapStick Classic Cherry.

The spot features a girl putting on some ChapStick and then pressing her lips and face against the car window during a ride through the city. The adults who see her are not amused at all with her playful behavior, but one security guard makes her smile back with a silly face that he does as she passes by.

Set to a song whose lyrics include “Are you ready for me? Are you ready?”, the commercial ends with the brand’s logo.

The ChapStick lip balm also comes in two other variants – ChapStick Classic Original and ChapStick Moisturizer Original.

In another commercial, the brand aims to highlight that, when you slather on some ChapStick, you experience positive feelings, such as bravery, joy, determination, passion and love.

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