Apple Christmas Commercial Song – Feat. Girl & Snowman – Saving Simon

Apple Christmas Commercial - Feat. Girl & Snowman

Apple has unveiled its Christmas commercial, shot on iPhone 13 Pro and described as “a story for everyone who can’t wait for the holidays to get here”.

Directed by Oscar Nominee Jason Reitman and his father, Oscar Nominee Ivan Reitman, the 3-minute film is titled “Saving Simon” and tells the story of a girl who saves a little snowman from being hit and destroyed by her older brother. She names it Simon and takes care of him for an entire year. She keeps it in the freezer and, when it’s possible, she takes it with her, in an icebox. When winter comes, she is happy that she can finally get Simon out again, in the snow. However, tragedy strikes and a kid turns it to pieces after riding over it with his bike.
Her brother witnesses the episode and immediately gets closer to show he’s sorry. He then comes up with the idea of building another snowman, just like Simon, and their parents join in.

The film ends with the onscreen line “To the ones we’ve waited all year to be with”.

Serving as soundtrack is the single “You and I” by Valerie June.

The two Oscar nominees have used features like Cinematic mode, which makes videos look like they were created using much more specialist cameras, macro video, and advanced low light performance to create the brand’s holiday ad.

“The idea that you can just pick up your phone and start filmmaking is one that thrills me,” said Jason Reitman in the behind-the-scenes video, mentioning “This is the greatest moment of all time to want to be a filmmaker. If you want to write stories, you pick up a pencil. If you want to write songs, you pick up a guitar. And if you want to make movies now you can just pick up an iPhone.”

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