American Express Let’s Go Shop Small at Gene’s Sausage Shop Commercial Song

American Express Sausage Shop Commercial Actors

American Express continues its “Let’s Go Shop Small” campaign with a new installment. This time, it promotes Gene’s Sausage Shop in Chicago.

The spot features a group of singers performing the following song:

“Family secret (shh)
We all have at least one
Family secret (shh)
Luck-i-ly ours is fun
Gene’s Sausages they are the best the recipe
is our secret, just eat ’em!”

The commercial ends with the Shop Small logo alongside the American Express logo and Gene’s Sausage Shop logo.

The bank’s “Let’s Go Shop Small” campaign encourages consumers across the country to support the small businesses they love in their community this holiday season and all year long. The campaign includes spots created as short musicals where the protagonists are performing original songs whose main message is to “Go Shop Small” in various cities. One of them is dedicated to New York, another one to San Francisco, and others for specific small businesses, such as Semi Colon Bookstore in Chicago, Noto Botanics in LA, and more.

A commercial released at the beginning of this year, in February, when the lockdown was still ongoing, featured various small businesses, highlighted that “Our local spots brought us together in a way no couch ever could” and urged consumers to order in with American Express in order to help them through these hard times.

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