Amazon Prime Medusa Makes Friends Commercial Song

Amazon Prime Medusa Commercial

After the contemporary retelling of Rapunzel and Cleopatra, Amazon continues its “Prime Changes Everything” campaign with a new commercial.

The spot features Medusa, the priestess cursed to turn those who lock gaze with her into stone, finding a solution to fix her problem: she orders a pair of sunglasses, which she gets with Prime one-day delivery. This way, people get to know her and realize she’s actually hilarious. When one man tries to flirt with her at a social gathering, she takes her sunglasses off and turns him into stone. “He was asking for it,” the voiceover says at the end of the commercial, adding the tagline “Prime Changes Everything”.

The soundtrack music is the 2018 single Chun-Li by Nicki Minaj, from her fourth studio album, “Queen”. The song is available for purchase on Amazon for $1.29.

The first ads in this campaign show Cleopatra who, after watching the film “Coming2America” on Prime Video, decides to treat her subjects to accessories to help them enjoy desert life and Rapunzel, who – after ordering herself a ladder with Prime One Day Delivery and gets out of her tower, opens a hairdressing salon empire.

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