2022 Movies: The King’s Daughter – Trailer Song

2022 Movies: The King's Daughter - Trailer Actress Kaya Scodelario

The official trailer for the upcoming fantasy movie The King’s Daughter has been released.

Adapted from Vonda N. McIntyre’s novel “The Moon and the Sun” and directed by Sean McNamara, the film revolves around King Louis XIV’s illegitimate daughter (played by Kaya Scodelario) as she discovers a mermaid captured by her father to steal her life force in his quest for immortality. The young woman forms a bond with the creature in the water and fights to protect her from harm at great cost.

Narrated by Julie Andrews, the movie also features features Pierce Brosnan as King Louis XIV, Benjamin Walker, Rachel Griffiths, William Hurt, and Fan Bingbing as the mermaid.

The song used in the trailer is the 2018 song “Overcome” by Ugonna Onyekwe, from her album of the same name.

The King’s Daughter will be released in theaters nationwide by Gravitas Ventures early next year, starting on January 21st.

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