ŠKODA FABIA Advert Song – Impress with Your Style


ŠKODA showcases the all-new ŠKODA FABIA in a new advert, inviting people to show their true colours.

The spot features a young man driving the attractive hatchback out and about, and showing his true style. “You have only one chance in first impressions,” he says in the opening of the 30-second ad from the wheel of the city car, revealing that this is what he lives by. He is then shown on a date with his girlfriend, meeting her parents and impressing her mother, and during a job interview, where he makes a good impression with his resume and communication skills. As he stands up to leave the interviewer’s office, he surprises the man with the back of suit, which is all colorful, because he also knows that second impression is important, as well.

At the end of the ad, which is set to the rhythms of a song whose lyrics include “And I don’t nobody knows that I got all, all that I need,” the voiceover says the tagline “Impress with your style. The all-new ŠKODA FABIA. Follow your different”.

In the UK, ŠKODA has partnered with Lady Leshurr, Alexis Ffrench, The Sherlocks, The Kingdom Choir and Paloma Faith to their version of Davis Jr’s 1968 song “I Gotta Be Me” in its “Driven By Something Different” brand campaign.

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