Sainsbury’s A Christmas to Savour Advert Song

Sainsbury's A Christmas to Savour TV Advert

Sainsbury’s encourages people to savour each moment in its Christmas 2021 advert.

The spot, dubbed “A Christmas to Savour,” features a family gathering at Christmas filmed in slow-motion as they enjoy a range of festive food around the table. The Taste the Difference Chicken Waffle, Sainsbury’s Christmas Prosecco Rosé and the Taste the Difference Salted Caramel & Chocolate Star all take center stage at some point throughout the 60-second ad, which also shows some very common festive mishaps, such as Grandpa cracking open a nut and exploding everywhere, cheeky children with grins on their faces as they play and a game of “Who Am I?” with Grandma.

Serving as soundtrack is the iconic “At Last” by Etta James.

At the end of the advert, which sees the family full of joy, chatting and laughing, Stephen Fry says in voiceover “It’s been a long time coming, so let’s make it a Christmas to savour”.

The TV spot premiered during the Angela Black Special break on ITV Networks on Sunday 14th November.

“With so many of us unable to spend Christmas with our loved one’s last year we, along with the nation, are really excited to fully celebrate Christmas once more. One of the true highlights of the festive season is the much-anticipated Christmas dinner. Whilst the food is important, it’s also about what that meal represents, spending quality time with loved ones, catching up, enjoying a delicious meal and above all, having fun together,” Radha Davies, Director of Brand Communications and Creative, at Sainsbury’s said in a press statement.

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