Lexus RX Hybrid Commercial Song – Couple Getting Caught After Curfew by Teenage Daughter

Lexus RX Hybrid Commercial

Lexus showcases the Lexus RX in a new commercial, which puts a modern spin on the classic story of getting caught after curfew.

The spot opens with a couple driving home after their date night. They are in their Lexus RX Hybrid and listen to “Light” by AWALK (the Apple CarPlay integration for iPhone is highlighted at this point), when they decide to stop the music and talk about the person waiting for them at home. “Do you think she’s still awake?” the woman asks her husband, who tells her to not worry. He then turns on the EV mode. They get back at home without making any noise, but it turns out their teenage daughter is not asleep. Moreoever, she was waiting for them in the kitchen and dressing them down for returning late. “Don’t PTA meetings end at nine?” she asks them, showering them with question. Caught in a lie, the mother ends up the conversation by telling the girl she can drive their car to practice during the weekend. When the teenager exclaims “How, that was easy!”, her parents want to know what she refers to, but she immediately changes the subject, telling them she loves them.

The commercial ends with the voiceover saying the tagline “Lexus RX. Built for modern families” while the Lexus RX and Lexus RXL are showcased on the screen.

A Lexus hybrid has the following drive modes: EV Mode (in this case, the car can be powered solely by the battery when city driving), ECO Mode (the car reduces A/C output and dampens harsh acceleration), Normal Mode (the default drive setting in everyday motoring) and Sport Mode (which uses the battery to help boost acceleration along with the use of the engine).

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