Interflora Husk Hinanden Commercial / Advert Song – Feat. Couple on Date Night Over the Decades

Interflora Husk Hinanden Advert Couple

Danish flower delivery network Interflora has released a cinematic and heartwarming commercial to celebrate love.

The spot, created by Denmark agency PONG and directed by Martin Werner, features a couple over the decades meeting in front of a movie theater and highlights their love story, started in the 1960s and kept alive throughout the years by the man’s effort of bringing his lady a flower. The woman’s life takes a dramatic turn when her husband dies and she is forced to live with her memories only. One night, though, as she’s standing in front of the same movie theater, her grandson shows up to her lonely “date” with a flower and gives her a hug.

The commercial, which is set to the tune of the 2014 song “Slow Mover” by Louise Alenius and focuses more on universal feelings than flowers, ends with the tagline “Remember those you love” flashing across the screen.

Interflora has worked with Martin Werner also in 2015, for its award-winning ad “Circus Love”.

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