EXTRA Gum Christmas Commercial – Feat. Family Members in Awkward Situations

EXTRA Gum Christmas Commercial

EXTRA Gum has a special message for people in its Christmas commercial. Based on the idea that family gatherings might get really awkward this holiday season, the brand suggests that, maybe it’s best to grab a piece of Extra Gum and chew it before you say or do something you might regret.

The ad, dubbed “Together Again,” features the members of a family reunited for Christmas as they get into various awkward situations. A single young man receives, for instance, a book titled “Don’t Worry! You’ll Find Love”, consisting of “inspirational methods for enduring loneliness,” but chooses to grab a piece of Extra Gum and chew it before saying something he might regret to his parents. A young woman also starts chewing a piece of Extra Gum in her attempt to not ruin a family member’s joke, which is not funny at all, even though he seems to believe that. A young woman gets to show her boyfriend her childhood bedroom, filled with dolls that he finds quite creepy.

However, before sharing his thoughts on the toys adorning her walls, he chews a piece of EXTRA Gum, too.

“Maybe it’s better left unsaid” an onscreen line reads at the end of the commercial, which sees the entire family chewing EXTRA Gum around the table, at dinner.

The new campaign, titled “Chew It Before You Do It” and created by advertising agency Energy BBDO, debuted on November 22. As part of the campaign, the brand will also be releasing a limited time only “Chew It Before You Do It Button,” that is filled with a pack of EXTRA Gum, to help fans deal with delicate situations, such as prying questions into their love life and political discussions at the dinner table. Starting December 6 through December 17, those who anticipate awkward moments and tweet #ChewItBeforeYouDoIt can receive a free EXTRA “Chew Before You Do Button” just in time for holiday festivities.

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