Erste Bank Christmas Commercial / Advert Song – Feat. Girl with Teddy Bear

Erste Bank Christmas Advert / Werbung - Feat. White Teddy Bear

If, two years ago, Erste Bank encouraged people to believe in Christmas, this year, the Vienna-based banking group aims to inspire people to think about the future in its Christmas commercial.

Created in partnership with agency Jung von Matt DONAU and Passion Pictures’, the animated film follows a Jakub, a man who, apparently, is constantly reminded by his little daughter and her teddy bear to make small changes that can make a big difference in fighting against climate crisis and ensure, thus, a better future. He starts saving water while brushing his teeth, separate waste, turn off the lights when he goes out of a room, use a bycycle to go to work instead of driving the car, refuse plastic bags.

At the end of the commercial, it turns out his daughter is yet unborn. As he arrives home from a Christmas market, where he found a white teddy bear, he kisses his daughter’s forehead, but then his wife’s big belly can be seen. Jakub gives her the white teddy bear seen throughout the video in his daughter’s hands and then hugs her. A baby’s photo from the ultrasound can also be seen on the chimney, near a photo of the couple on their wedding day and some Christmas cards, as the woman places the plush toy there.

The soundtrack music was composed by Soviet Science, while the lyrics were written by Andreas Putz, the managing partner and founder of Jung von Matt

After its previous Christmas adverts, which have together been viewed more than 200 million times and received more than 50 awards, Erste Bank has become famous for its heartwarming holidays commercials.

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