Cricket Wireless Free 5G Phone Christmas Commercial – Feat. Woman Making Snow Angels

Cricket Wireless Free 5G Phone Commercial - Feat. Woman Making Snow Angels

Cricket Wireless promotes its latest deal, which gives a new phone with fast, nationwide 5G to new customers, in a series of new ads.

One of them, titled “Winter Wonderland,” features a woman making snow angels. “This is everything I wished for,” she says, but as the spot continues, it turns out she was actually happy because she got a brand new 5G phone from Cricket Wireless. “I told you she’d love her new 5G phone from Cricket,” a brand mascot tells her husband, who’s watching her as she’s making angels on the floor with the pieces of foam falling from the cardboard box. “I see that,” he answers.

The commercial ends with the voiceover saying the tagline “It’s everything you wished for, including the price”.

The limited-time deal is valid for those who bring their number to Cricket on a $60/month voice plan. The ad also specifies that this offer excludes AT&T ports and that customers must pay the first month charge and tax. Activation (in-store, $25/line) and additional fees may apply.

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