Cartier All Is Love Commercial Song – Feat. Lily Collins, Maisie Williams, Monica Bellucci & More

Cartier All Is Love Christmas Commercial - Feat. Monica Bellucci

Cartier has released its holiday-themed commercial, which is described as a “hymn to love”.

The ad, filmed between Paris, Los Angeles and Shanghai, features not less than twelve celebrities, including Monica Bellucci, Lily Collins, Ella Balinska, Mélanie Laurent, Willow Smith, Maisie Williams, Jackson Wang, and Troye Sivan, dancing and singing along to Roger Glover’s 1974 hit “Love Is All”. Clad in white, black or red, the global stars are actually miming along to the words of the famous song. They are also moving between lights and festive red rooms, are playing with giant baubles and taking a turn on a grand piano, all while showcasing pieces from the “Love Is All” themed gift selection, now available for purchase on the website of the luxury jewelry house.

“It’s a part of the Cartier philosophy to believe that we are stronger and more authentic together, and that’s why we have gathered this inspiring community of artists who embrace life with a sense of celebration. Together, they seem to defy gravity through Cartier’s red box, which they have filled with a sense of joy,” Arnaud Carrez, Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer at Cartier, said in a press statement.

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