Canzone Pubblicità Scalapay – Take Your Time To Pay

Pubblicità Scalapay - Take Your Time To Pay

Italian fintech company Scalapay, which offers a split payment solution in 3 monthly installments, all without having to pay any fees or interest, urges people to take their time to enjoy and their time to pay in its latest commercial.

The spot, created by agency Buzzman, Paris, features a diverse cast of people, such as a couple on scouter driving along a country side, a man at the subway checking the time at his new wristwatch, a woman at a restaurant admiring her new earrings, a young woman at a night club putting on some red lipstick while everyone around her is dancing, a man running through the city in his new running shoes, and a woman looking at her reflection in a window, making her white poodle become impatient.

“Take your time to enjoy. Take your time to pay,” the voiceover says at the end of the commercial, highlighting that you can pay in 3 installments without interest. He also adds the tagline “If you love it, scalapay it”, which is an invitation for consumers to purchase the things they love, despite the price, and pay afterwards in 3 installments.

The soundtrack music is Gino Bechi’s Stasera canto.

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