Wondrium Commercial Song

Wondrium Commercial

Educational streaming service Wondrium, formerly known as The Great Courses, is promoted in a new commercial created by agency DiMassimo Goldstein.

The spot, set to original music composed by Groove Guild, showcases the multitude of online non-fiction video experiences available on the platform by featuring pieces that cover diverse topics such as chemistry, atomic power, philosophy, art and languages, as well as Egyptian history, and even how to take a great photo and how to make the perfect burger.

“Search engines can’t find enlightenment or show how we run our hive (some bees say)” and then viewers are advised to watch something that’s smart if they want to binge watch something and turn their screens into new skill teachers with lessons from field legends to the God of Thunder”.

The commercial ends with the voiceover declaring that “Streaming is a lot smarter with Wondrium”.

David Rasura, Creative Director at Taylor James, said “The agency had the song written, and an outline of characters singing each part. They wanted a fun, 2D animation of the characters singing to showcase Wondrium’s offerings. We knew who the characters were, and how they were ordered, but it was up to us to figure out how to connect the dots. We got really imaginative. It’s the kind of spot where you really have to get playful. It was a pleasure working on this project. We worked so well within our own team, the client, the agency, and the music house. It was smooth sailing from the beginning and an absolute joy every step of the way”.

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