Telstra Father & Son Playing Video Game Commercial

Telstra Father & Son Playing Video Game Commercial

Leading Australian telco provider Telstra has released a new commercial to promote its reliably fast Wi-Fi.

The spot, part of the network’s “Australia Is Why” campaign, features a father separated from his son, who bought a console and headsets in order to be able to talk and play with him video games. The man is shown in his small apartment and the boy in his new home, with his mom, but catching up and bonding as they play a game together.

“You don’t need need reliably fast Wi-Fi… until you do,” the voiceover says at the end of the commercial.

Another commercial features a hotel receptionist who is asked for the Wi-Fi password by all the guests. Due to the bad weather, they all decide to stay in for the weekend and use the Internet – some to watch a movie, others for video calls, others to stream games. The lady at the reception ends up writing the Wi-Fi password on a piece of paper after the ones she had in a bowl, at the reception, are all taken.

Telstra customers have the chance to get $15/month credit for 12 months on Premium Unlimited internet, no $99 connection fee when they sign up online (the deal excludes Fixed Wireless), the flexibility to change their plan once a month, and more.

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