Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE Commercial Song – Feat. Future Visiting College Student

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE Commercial - Feat. Future Visiting College Student

Samsung has released a new ad starring Future. This time, the rapper promotes the brand’s new Galaxy Tab S7 Fan Edition.

The commercial features the hitmaker showing up at a college student’s door to give her the new Galaxy Tab S7 FE. “Don’t sleep on this sick gift. It even comes gift-rapped,” Future tells the young woman, named Ari, who’s excited to see the device. “Be seen with a super-fresh screen. Ultra large cuz you in charge. Leave ’em in awe with pieces you draw, designs on an ultra-large screen can’t be lackin’. Thanks the ‘rents, it came with gift-rapping,” Future sings.

The end of the video sees Ari concluding that this is “Best. Gift. Ever.” and the Galaxy Tab S7 FE range showcased on the screen. “Gifts with clout speak for themselves” Future adds in voiceover.

In another ad, Future also promotes the brand’s Galaxy Buds2 wireless earbuds, which boast two-way dynamic speakers, which ensure well-balanced sound quality, lightweight comfort fit, Active Noise Cancellation, and seamless connectivity to your phone and watch.

Samsung has also tapped singer Paloma Mami to join Future in its holiday-themed campaign, for the Galaxy Buds2 and smartphones, and put their individual spin on Samsung’s gift ideas.

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