IKEA UK Brawny Teddy Bears Advert Song

IKEA UK Brawny Teddy Bears Advert

IKEA UK continues its “Wonderful Everyday” campaign with a new installment, highlighting that “Every home should be a haven”.

The spot, created by agency and directed by Tom Noakes, features a bunch of super hench teddy bears who make everything they can to ensure that the family in their home enjoy peace and quiet from everyday stresses and strains.

They act like bodyguards who work out to stay in shape, protect the house (this includes chasing away unwanted guests such as a fox rummaging through the garbage) and the family members from stress (one of the bears breaks the dad’s phone when someone from work calls him), helping them to feel safe, happy and ready for anything.
The soundtrack music is “Sampa The Great”.

IKEA’s latest ads focused on the brand’s sustainability effort and commitment, and showcased its range of solutions for the kitchen, bathroom and hallway.

The Swedish furniture manufacturer says that 60% of all materials used are already made from rapidly renewable raw materials or are recycled or recyclable. By 2030, IKEA’s goal is for all materials to be made exclusively from natural or recyclable raw materials.

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