FIAT (500)RED Family Car Made for the Planet Commercial / Advert Song

FIAT 500 RED Family Car Made for the Planet Commercial / Advert

FIAT promotes the new (500)RED in a new commercial, highlighting that it’s electric to care for the earth and (RED) to fight pandemics.

The spot raises the question “How many people such a small car – the (500)RED – can carry?” The answer is that this tiny family car can carry 7,890,000 people for a better future.

The commercial, which shows a diverse cast of people and some of the EV’s features, such as the (RED) seat made with Seaqual Yarn, highlights that the (500)RED is made for the planet and its people.

The automaker has also joined a unique partnership that fights pandemics with every purchase of a (500)RED. Every time you buy a (RED) product, your purchase triggers a donation to the Global Fund to support a range of prevention, treatment, counseling, testing, education and care services to the communities most in need. Jeep and RAM have also committed, along with Fiat, a minimum $4M to the Global Fund between 2021 and 2023 to help fight health emergencies like COVID and AIDS.

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