Canzone Pubblicità Luca si sente così

Pubblicità Luca si sente così promotes its services in a ad campaign, created by agency Nadler Larimer & Martinelli and titled “Luca si sente così”.

The spot, directed by Alessandro De Leo, features a middle-aged man named Luca who happily sings out loud “I’m alive” in his car even though he is stuck in a traffic jam. His daughter, who’s in the back seat, as well as several other drivers, look at him surprised as they don’t understand why he’s so excited. The voiceover reveals that Luca is in a such a good mood because he used and saved money on his car insurance. In only 3 minutes he got the insurance coverage and paid only 119 euros.

The end of the commercial sees Luca repeating three times and saying that saving on car insurance is easy. He also mentions that he purchased the insurance policy online but he can also go to a branch for assistance.

The song used in the ad is a cover of the iconic Johnny Thunder’s single “I’m alive”, performed by Fabio Gargiulo.
The commercial runs on TV since October 10, on channels like Mediaset, Sky, Discovery e DAZN, as well as on YouTube and Facebook.

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