Volkswagen Polo Astronaut Ballerina Commercial

Volkswagen Polo Astronaut Ballerina Commercial

Volkswagen continues to promote its new Polo with a new commercial.

The spot, titled “Who Says You Can’t?”, opens with a woman astronaut dancing ballet on another planet. As the video goes on, it turns out she was a toy in a girl’s hand. The child, who’s traveling in the back seat of the new VW Polo, asks her dad, who’s driving the car, if she can be an astronaut and a ballerina. “Sure. You can be anything you want,” he answers and then uses the optional voice control system to ask his VW to take him to space camp.

“Who says you can’t?” an onscreen line reads at the end of the commercial.

A previous commercial also focused on the new Polo’s optional voice control and highlighted that we’ve always talked to our cars and, today, they finally understand us. The ad, featuring a diverse cast of Volkswagen owners talking to their cars in a variety of life situations, ends with a woman who’s getting into her new Polo on a rainy evening and asks the car, which boasts optional voice control system, to take her home.

According to the automaker, Volkswagen’s Polo strikes the perfect balance between design and function. The car boasts a newly designed front with optional LED light strip in combination with the IQ.LIGHT – LED matrix headlights, which enable long-term high-beam driving without dazzling other road users, an electric panorama tilting and sliding roof, a 15.5 cm (6.5 inch) display, DAB + digital radio reception, two USB Type C slots and a telephone interface, BeatsAudio sound system, available for the new Polo from the Life equipment line, and optional online voice control, which enables you to use your voice to operate the radio, the telephone and the optional navigation, to select the right sender, the appropriate address book entry or the number you are looking for.

The new Polo also features a suite of advanced safety systems, such as IQ.DRIVE Travel Assist, which ensures particularly comfortable driving by supporting you in monotonous and tiring driving situations, automatic distance control ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control), which can help you to maintain a previously set maximum speed (up to 210 km / h) as well as a distance to the vehicle in front, the “Side Assist” lane change assistant, which uses an LED light in the exterior mirrors to indicate other vehicles in the blind spot or vehicles driving up to 50 meters behind you, and more, makes it the perfect car for everyday travel.

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