Toyota Camry Hybrid Face Swap Thrill Ride Commercial Song

Toyota Camry Hybrid Red Commercial

Toyota promotes its Camry Hybrid in a new commercial, which also introduces the “Lights, Camry, SiriusXM” face swap experience, which lets users having their face on a Toyota Camry hybrid driver during a ride.

The 2-minute spot, titled “Face Swap Thrill Ride,” features a man who goes on a ride in the new Camry Hybrid while someone else is driving. The video gives viewers a glimpse at what the “Lights, Camry, SiriusXM” face swap experience means as the driver’s face is replaced by the face of several other people.

Guided by SiriusXM, the car rips from scene to scene, getting everyone’s attention. The man, who doesn’t understand where he is and what happens, eventually arrives at the destination right on time.

Serving as soundtrack is the 2018 single “Westworld” by Brooklyn-based musician and vocalist Evan Giarrusso, better known as EVAN GIIA. The song is available for purchase on Amazon for $0.99.

Those willing to try the Face Swap experience must send a photo of their face which will be mapped to the face being swapped with theirs with a software that creates a temporary 3D model of that face. Participants can share the video directly to their social media account(s), which will be viewable until March 8, 2022 (after which it will appear as “Not Available”), and or have a download link sent directly to the email address they provide.
The 2022 Camry Hybrid is starting from $27,380.

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