Misfit: The Series – Trailer Song Netflix


Misfit: The Series - Trailer Netflix Actors

Netflix has released the official teaser for its upcoming series Misfit: The Series.

According to the official synopsis, the Misfits are headed for a crazy year as they begin working on a super cool musical. While they are busy creating music and choreography, they receive news that the musical will be banned. The new headteacher, Agnes, wants the focus to be on discipline, high grades, and studying. Julia (Djamila) doesn’t want this to happen and comes up with a plan. Together with the Misfits and their new friends, they find a way to sabotage the headteachers’ rules and work on the musical in secret.

the song used in the trailer is a song whose lyrics include “we are the misfits, nobody stops us, all for one, yes, we are misfits for life, we want to be free, break all the rules, we are the misfits”.

“Misfit: The Series” launches on the streaming service next month, on october 6.

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