GEICO Scoop! There It Is Ice Cream Sweepstakes Commercial Song – Feat. Tag Team

GEICO Scoop! There It Is Ice Cream Sweepstakes Commercial - Feat. Tag Team

GEICO has teamed up with Tag Team and Mikey Likes It to create a new ice cream inspired by Tag Team’s hit single Whoomp! (There It Is!) and promotes its in a new commercial featuring the Atlanta hip-hop duo.

The spot features Stephen Gibson and DC Glenn showing up in a neighborhood in an ice cream and introducing the “Scoop! There It Is” ice cream while performing an original rendition of their “Whoomp! (There It Is!)” song. The lyrics include, of course, “French vanilla, rocky road, chocolate, peanut butter, cookie dough”.

At the end of the commercial, which sees a diverse cast of people, including kids and teenagers, dancing to the rhythms of the track, viewers are informed that they can participate at GEICO’s Sweepstakes, for a chance to win a pint. Participants must follow GEICO on TikTok or IG, create a dance video with the “Scoop! There It Is!” audio track, mention @GEICO & use hashtags #GEICOIceCream #Sweepstakes.

To create a flavor that includes the ingredients listed by Tag Team in their song, Geico reached out to the founder and owner of New York’s “Mikey Likes It Ice Cream”, Mikey Cole. The resulting ice cream features a vanilla base, with cookie dough, peanut butter swirl, and chocolate-covered marshmallows mixed in.

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