Dr Pepper Fansville Commercial – Return To Glory

Dr Pepper Fansville Commercial Actors - Return To Glory

Dr Pepper has released the trailer for the upcoming fourth season of Fansville, a series that celebrates the passion and traditions of college football fans.

The trailer for the episodic drama featuring parody storytelling from a college football fanatic town, shows Brian Bosworth, who returns as Fansville’s beloved “sheriff”, as well as famed former football player Joe Theismann and DJ Uiagalelei, given the fact that now college athletes are also allowed to be in commercials. Will Jay is featured asking Natalie to marry him by giving her a hot dog with the “Marry Me” sentence written on it. The transfer portal is shown and the question if the fanatical college football town can survive the dreaded “off-season” is raised.

At the end of the trailer, which features Dr Pepper, Diet Dr Pepper, Dr Pepper Zero Sugar, the voiceover urges viewers to polish their barbecue grills, pull out the foam fingers and pom poms and put the Dr Peppers on ice while they watch the upcoming season of Fansville.

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