Chirp Wheel Office Troll Commercial

Chirp Wheel Office Troll Commercial

Chirp has launched a new ad campaign to promote its Chirp Wheel+ 3 pack, which consists of three firm back roller wheels that relieve back pain.

One of the commercials tells the story of Ick, a bridge troll who has been transplanted to an office and works as a sales representative. Heavy=boned and loud, he manages to break havoc and induce a lot of stress to his coworkers. However, he has also done a good thing, too – has recommended the Chirp Wheel+ to them and now they are all using it during the workday to get rid of the stress.

“Chirp’s five-inch width fits perfectly between my shoulder blades and gives me this great four-way stretch to help relieve the stress I encounter daily,” the troll’s boss says, adding that she wanted to give Chirp’s Wheel to all her employees especially since the brand offers free shipping and a 60-day trial.

Each Chirp Wheel+ 3 Pack shown in the ad comes with a 12″ Gentle Wheel, a 10″ Medium Wheel, a 6″ Deep Tissue Wheel, and an Upper Back Posture Corrector (which is a free gift). The product is now available for purchase reduced from $135 to $99.

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