Asda Get the Asda Price Feeling Jump into Autumn Advert Song

Asda Jump into Autumn Advert - Gino D'Acampo

Asda urges people to “Get The Asda Price Feeling This Autumn” in its latest advert.

The spot features a family entering an Asda supermarket, where they are welcome by an employee who surprises them by jumping and doing all kinds of stunts. “Why step into autumn when you can jump in?” the voiceover asks, urging viewers to “get the Asda price feeling with trolley fulls of low prices across the store, with all you need for the big shop, big smiles or just for a big night in”.

The ad highlights some of the deals available in the upcoming weeks, such as Barbie reduced from £49.97 to £30 between September 9 and December 24th, Lego reduced from £49.97 to £25 between September 9th and October 8th, and Child Plush reduced from £30.97 to £25 between September 9th and September 26th.

The soundtrack music is the 1976 single “More Than a Feeling” by the American rock band Boston, from their eponymous debut album.

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