Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Sally & Molly Commercial

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Sally & Molly Commercial

Coca-Cola has launched a series of new ads for its Zero Sugar variety.

One of them, titled “Sally & Molly,” features a ventriloquist whose dummy is asking, on stage, during a performance at their show, “Sally & Molly,” if the new Coca-Cola Zero Sugar is the best Coke ever. She answers “No” but the dummy says “Yes” several times and urges her to try it before she declared the opposite.

The commercial, which highlights that the drink now boasts an improved taste and is more delicious, ends with the tagline “Try it first” flashing across the screen.

Another ad, set to the rhythms of Papa Music’s “Yes? No? (I Need To Try It First)”, features a variety of characters saying “Yes” and “No” as their answer to the question if the new Coke is the best ever. The same argument is had by a dinosaur and a meteorite in another video, which sees the latter deciding to give the drink a try before coming to Earth.

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