Uber Eats Janine Commercial

Uber Eats Janine Commercial

Uber Eats has released a hilarious new commercial to highlight that consumers can now have convenience store items conveniently delivered to them.

The spot features an Uber Eats delivery man who is supposed to deliver an order to a woman named Janine, at a community pool. Seeing a group of women during their water aerobics class, he begins to wave his arms and call for Janine in his attempt to identify the customer. He even gets on top of the diving platform to get the women’s attention, but he soon realizes that Janine was actually the lifeguard.

The commercial ends with the tagline “Go Get It” and with the variety of products consumers can have delivered with Uber Eats, including retail, alcohol, grocery, top eats, flowers, pharmacy, and the new Convenience.

“Bye, not-Janines,” the voiceover says at the end.

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