Uber 15 + 1 Commercial Song – Quince + 1

Uber 15 + 1 Commercial - Quince + 1

Uber urges you to “Go anywhere, the way you want, with Uber” in its latest commercial for the ride sharing app.

The spot opens with several cars aligned on a street and a diverse cast of people getting out of them. A mother and her toddler, a young woman and her dog, an old lady in a wheelchair, boys and girls, all costumed in blue-themed outfits. It turns out they all go to a teenage girl’s party, who’s celebrating her quince + 1.

“Even if you had to miss your quince, there’s always your quince + 1,” the voiceover says at the end of the commercial, which is scored by “Es Mi Nina Bonita” by Nuevo Guadalajara 2000.

The ad informs that Uber Cat Seat is available only in New York City, pet-friendly rides, Lime Bikes and Scooters, and wheelchair accessible vehicles are available in select cities, as well. Viewers are advised to see the app for details.

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