Netflix Movies: Resort to Love – Trailer

Netflix Movies: Resort to Love - Actress Christina Milian as Erica Wilson

Netflix has released the trailer for its upcoming rom-com Resort to Love.

The movie, produced by Alicia Keys and directed by Steven Tsuchida, stars Christina Milian as Erica Wilson, an aspiring singer on a journey to find herself on the tropical island of Mauritius. What she finds in paradise, though, is her ex-fiance and his soon-to-be bride, as they plan to get married there.

The trailer, which features the onscreen lines “There’s nothing more unexpected than love,” gives viewers a glimpse at the events, including the fling she has with a hunky man, who is her ex-fiance’s brother and tells her that she should be with someone who is sure that she’s the only choice for him.

Resort to Love will launch on Netflix, this month, on July 29.

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