Musique Publicité Renault Megane eVision – Repartir, Redecouvrir, Revivre

Actrice Publicité Renault Megane eVision

Renault promotes the Megane eVision and R5 in a new commercial that runs in France.

The spot features a woman who walks across the city and after seeing her reflection in the Renault Megane Evision gets into a better mood. And not only she, but also the people near her, who start hugging. The end of the video sees her going to a music festival and the voiceover says the words “Repartir, Redécouvrir, Revivre”, which mean “Start Over, Rediscover, Relive”.

The song used in the ad the Start Rec Remix of the 1983 single “Owner of a Lonely Heart” (originally by British progressive rock band Yes) feat. Jua Amir.

The automaker’s Megane eVision full-electric compact car launches at end of the year, and is scheduled to be shown at the Munich auto show in September. Renault declared in a press statement that a fleet of 30 pre-production vehicles with Renault-themed camouflage will be tested on public roads this summer.

Styled as a high-riding five-door hatchback, the vehicle will have a 160-kilowatt electric motor and a 60-kilowatt-hour battery, with a range of 450 km (280 miles) on the WLTP scale.

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