McDonald’s UK Fancy Some Me Time Advert Song

McDonald's UK Fancy Some Me Time Advert Actor

McDonald’s UK has released a new advert to highlight that its menu items can be the perfect companion when you want some me time.

The spot, part of the fast-food chain’s “Fancy a McDonald’s” campaign, created in partnership with Leo Burnett, features a diverse cast of people of all walks of life enjoying various menu items from McDonald’s while taking some time for themselves. A man puts his headphones on and plays his favorite song before indulging himself with his favorite burger from McDonald’s, a teenage girl escapes into her room from her noisy siblings and takes her McDonald’s order with her, a construction worker has a coffee break on site and enjoys a warm McCafe, an employee who worked overtime at the office eats his McDonald’s order at candle light, and a mother eats her cheeseburger in the car ignoring for a moment her two children, who are busy with their Happy Meals.

The advert, which is scored by The Flamingos’ 1959 single “I Only Have Eyes For You”, ends with the onscreen lines “Fancy some me time? Fancy a McDonald’s?”.

The “Fancy A McDonald’s” campaign, which aims to encourage people to let go of the daily pressures and expectations of life, includes several other installments. One of the them features a diverse cast of McDonald’s customers enjoying their favorite menu item and bursting into laughter.

The campaign also includes out-of-home, social media advertising, as well as a partnership with Global Radio.

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