Louis Vuitton Imagination Fragrance for Men Commercial

Louis Vuitton Imagination Fragrance for Men Commercial - Stairway to Heaven

Louis Vuitton has launched its seventh fragrance dedicated to men: Imagination. The occasion is marked by a new ad campaign.

The spot features a young man who takes off his shirt while walking on the beach and then starting to run, bare-chested, and going up a staircase which leads to the sky. A bottle of Imagination is also showcased at the end of the video.

According to the brand, its newers fragrance was inspired “by the infinite possibilities that lie within us all” and captures the creative impulse to go beyond one’s limits and act on even the wildest dreams.

Louis Vuitton has also revealed that, in creating Imagination, the result of a five-year-long creative process, Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud explored the art of contrast through the unprecedented attraction between amber and black tea and turned to Ambrox, a molecule present in ambergris. He has also opted for smoky black tea, noble citrus, and sizzling spices to finish the perfume.

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