IKEA Change a Bit for Good Robot Advert Song

IKEA Robot Advert / Commercial

IKEA UK continues its “Wonderful Everyday” campaign with a new installment, which highlights that the power of change is in everybody’s hands and that the difference isn’t going to be made with a few grand gestures, but when we all change a bit for good.

The spot, titled “Change a bit for good,” features a robot that embarks on a mission to save the planet, but – at the end of the day – it turns out that his efforts are almost unnoticeable on a large scale. However, it turns out he has also changed some things around the house by using IKEA’s range of affordable, everyday storage solutions, including the FLISAT toy storage on wheels, and more for a positive impact on the planet.

Directed by Ninan Doff, the advert features the 2020 single “Keep Movin” by Crosby St. Models. The song is available for purchase on Amazon for $0.99.

IKEA’s latest ads focused on the brand’s sustainability effort and commitment, and showcased its range of solutions for the kitchen, bathroom and hallway.

The Swedish furniture manufacturer says that 60% of all materials used are already made from rapidly renewable raw materials or are recycled or recyclable. By 2030, IKEA’s goal is for all materials to be made exclusively from natural or recyclable raw materials.

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