Verizon 5G Built For Gamers Don’t Live wit Lag Commercial

Verizon 5G Built For Gamers Don't Live wit Lag Commercial

Verizon has launched a new ad campaign, titled “the Reset” and centered on lag – the network issues that are gamers’ #1 pain point.

One of the commercials features a variety of real life situations in which people, animals and objects are affected by lag in all of its weird and wacky forms. A newspaper delivery woman is shown floating in the air, while her bike is near her, headphones are near the users’ heads, not on their heads, and more.

The spot aims to highlight that 5G Ultra Wideband allows gamers to stop living with lag, because it’s the fastest 5G in the world, and it’s been built with gamers in mind. Verizon says that the superfast speeds, massive bandwidth and low latency of 5G Ultra Wideband are helping to make gaming more collaborative, competitive, affordable and accessible.

Gamers, which represent a key customer segment for Verizon, are very interested in 5G, and the performance benefits of 5G are readily apparent, especially for multiplayer gameplay, according to Verizon. The company declared that more than half of adults are mobile gamers, who spend an average of 12 hours on mobile gaming per week and over 70% of households have some type of gamer – mobile, console and/or PC.

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