Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 Commercial

 Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 Commercial - The Laptop is History

Samsung invites you to meet the new way to PC in its commercial showcasing the new Galaxy Book Pro 360.

The spot features a group of people visiting the museums of laptops in a world where laptops have become history.

Visitors take a journey back to a time before we ask the question “Why can’t laptops be more like phones?”, see, among old laptops, old Wi-Fi passwords used before 5G and feel what it’s like to drop like an old laptop battery. The guide shows them the power of 5G by quickly sharing a picture to all of them and says, at the end of the video that, “thankfully, Galaxy Book changed everything”.

The Galaxy Book Pro 360, featuring a brilliant Sper AMOLED screen, the latest Intel 11th Gen Core processor, plus 16GB of RAM and 1TB of storage, is available for purchase from $15.63/month for 48 months or $749.99 with eligible trade-in and Samsung Financing.

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