Lynx Smell Iconic Anthony Joshua, Calfreezy, Chunkz & Aitch Advert Song

Lynx Smell Iconic Anthony Joshua Advert / Commercial

Unilever-owned brand Lynx has launched a new ad campaign for its 72-Hour Anti Sweat Antiperspirant.

The spot, which runs across TV, video on-demand and outdoor, features rapper Aitch applauding a guy who uses the brand’s new 71-hour Anti Sweat antiperspirant before heading out of his apartment, heavyweight boxing champion Anthony Joshua walking a dog, rap battler Chunkz as a bus driver, and YouTuber Calfreezy as a hot dog vendor in a city where magic blends with reality.

The soundtrack music is “The New Effect Freestyle” by TNLE feat. Aitch.

Created by The Martin Agency, the advert is part of a £12m campaign, which aims to “drive relevance among a Gen Z audience”.

Aitch, who will release a 2021 summer playlist, available exclusively on Spotify, as part of the partnership with the Unilever-owned brand, is also recording a one-minute TikTok video, alongside the other brand ambassadors, and is inviting fans to use the platform’s “Duet” feature to perform with him.

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