Extra Gum People Kissing in the Park Commercial / Advert Song

Extra Gum Commercial / Advert Girl

Extra Gum has released a new ad to celebrate the return to normalcy after the lockdown.

Created by Chicago agency Energy BBDO and titled “For When It’s Time,” the TV spot opens with a variety of scenarios that depict some of the pet hates of lockdown, including the lack of personal grooming, unending video calls, and the general drudgery of being stuck at home every single day. It then shows crowds of people as they are finally leaving their houses – not before grabbing a pack of Extra Gum – and going out to work from office again, to run into the streets, in parks, and hug and kiss one another.

The song used in the ad, which ends with the tagline “Get Your Ding Back” flashing across the screen, is Céline Dion’s single “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now”.

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