Wix WordPress Hackers Commercial

Wix WordPress Hackers Commercial

Wix has released a series of new commercials to promote its services.

The spots are part of the platform’s “You Deserve Better,” which takes a jab at WordPress, and nod at its issues.
One of them features Mr. WordPress in a therapist’s office, who is there because Mr. Drag and Drop, who’s sitting near him on the sofa, wants to switch to Wix. The latter denies the “accusation” saying he only told WordPress he wasn’t feeling safe with him. At this point, a translation plug-in that only speaks Spanish makes an appearance, declaring (in Spanish) that relationships are complicated. The therapist is surprised to see a group of people dressed in green, full-body tights (suspected to be hackers), who start opening books on her bookshelves and photograph notes on her clipboard. WordPress says they are just cookies and suggests his client to stop being so paranoid about it and go and build his website on Wix, which makes everyone in the room burst into laughter, with one exception, of course – the therapist, who is still confused because of the unwelcome visitors.

“You Deserve Better” an onscreen line reads at the end of the commercial.

Wix says it lets you create secure, high-performing websites with centralized maintenance, a powerful dev mode and advanced SEO tools, giving you the flexibility to build your sites exactly how you want.

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