Hornbach Monster Truck Commercial / Werbung Song – Schaff Dir Platz

Hornbach Monster Truck Werbung - Schaff Dir Platz

The German home improvement chain Hornbach, known for its humorous advertising, has launched its spring campaign, urging people to make room for themselves.

The spot, developed in partnership with Berlin agency Heimat and director Martin Werner, features a five-ton monster truck taking out a garden shed, then flattening a muddy landscape as it drives round in furious circles. Eventually, as the video ends, it turns out the vehicle is used by a woman to create an enormous pond for her backyard.

The tagline “Make room for yourself” flashes across the screen at the end of the commercial, which features music from 48k and the composer Thomas Berlin.

“The ad’s tonality captures the current emotional state of Europeans, in a need of a release after months of lockdowns,” the chain says in a press release.

Thomas Schnaitmann, head of brand international for Hornbach, has also issued a statement, which reads “Each new beginning needs space. This is our invitation for people to create this space. With tons of passion and fun, but in an unusual way as always”.

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