Wendy’s Reggie Miller Not Letting Kenny Smith In a Wendy’s Restaurant Commercial

Wendy's Commercial Girl Actress Kathryn Wendy's employee

Wendy’s advertises its Breakfast sandwiches in a commercial featuring Reggie Miller and Kenny Smith.

The spot, part of the chain’s new basketball-themed campaign, features the former Indiana Pacers star as he moved into a Wendy’s restaurant, in Indianapolis, for March Madness, and not allowing Smith, also known as The Jet, to get in because he chose another place to grab his food. A Wendy’s employee named Kathryn says that Miller “chose to bubble at Wendy’s so he could wake up with the Official Breakfast of March Madness”. Smith, on the other hand, chose somewhere else, according to the Kathryn. Miller tells the sports commentator that he can’t break the bubble and, even though the latter tries to highlight that it’s everybody’s Wendy’s, he has no success. He even admits he made a wrong choice for his breakfast, but Miller insists on letting him out of the restaurant.

At the end of the commercial, viewers are encouraged to choose wisely and choose Wendy’s, Official Breakfast of March Madness.

There will be another spot, that will run starting April 5, showing Miller preparing to move out of his “bubble”, after the tournament ends. However, there is something that makes him stay – the $1.99 honey butter chicken biscuit sandwich that is scheduled for April 1 through May 2.

Last year, Wendy’s surpassed Burger King in U.S. system wide sales and became the new No. 2 burger-focused chain, behind McDonald’s.

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